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Abruzzo Sviluppo SpA is the Region of Abruzzo’s “in house” company, which, pursuant to Regional Law n. 11, 1 March 1995, functions as the territorial development agency providing support to the Region.

In house companies are defined as: (i) entities whose entire capital is public capital, (ii) companies over which the public institution/s, proprietors of the public capital, exert control analogous to the control they exert over their own services (iii) companies which carry out their most important activities with the public institution/s who control them [art. 113, c. 5, let. c), Consolidated law on local authorities].

Abruzzo Sviluppo is therefore a “wholly publicly owned” company whose sole member is the Region of Abruzzo. Abruzzo Sviluppo promotes entrepreneurship, supports territorial development programmes, favours the internationalisation of the regional economic system ensuring technical-operational support within the field of regional development and economic enhancement policies.


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